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As three friends and lifelong Evertonians, we grew up at the match, but as we grew older began to realise that football doesn't begin or end after the final whistle... 

We recognise that as supporters we have an active role to play in shaping the identity of our club and the future of football. 

MINT is our approach at reconciling what it means to be a socially conscious and globally aware Evertonian in the 21st Century - someone with a deep passion for Everton as well as a commitment to social justice, equality and sustainability. 

We aim to bring together like-minded Evertonians to expand the discourse and break the supporter stereotype - interrogating how football intersects with every aspect of our modern lives - how being an Evertonian has shaped our own lives, and how we shape Everton in return. 

This is our Everton - Evertonia for Everyone. 

the trinity

if you haven't met us on the pod, we are the team behind MINT 

Image by Darth Liu


Stats, sustainability, socialism and European football. Modernising an Everton identity based around progressive thinking and transparency in football. 

Football for the people.

Guitar Strings


Social history, art, and design. Golden Vision. The intersection of music and football culture, and how the sport as a whole- from the fans to upper management-

can define an era.

Image by Evgeni Evgeniev


A "blue-nosed wool" hailing from the quaint Ellesmere Port, now residing in Canada. Inspired to bring fresh perspectives to all Evertonians within and beyond L4.


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