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TOBIAS JONES playlist // Parma, Italy

(Ultra: The Underworld of Italian Football photo courtesy of Tobias Jones Twitter)


Political violence, and the genealogy of Ultras culture. A movement born out of far-left anarchism, but now over run with extremists of the right, Tobias gives insight to some of Italys most feared football gangs. Organised criminals or lost boys desperately searching for an identity? Whether Italia '90 is your thing or La Italia underworld simply intrigues you, Tobias unravels the intricacies of what community means in some of the country's poorest regions, and questions who are we to judge.

A must read and thrilling journey all football fans should take. Ultra: The Underworld of Italian Football.

(Cosenza Fans photo courtesy of Tobias Jones)


A playlist curated from the experiences of Tobias Jones (Twitter: @Tobias_Italia) inspired from his travels for three seasons with the Consenza Ultras.

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