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Andrea McGrady, the last Everton number 9 to lift a league title, discusses with the Collective about being part of the forgotten generation of the women's game.

Andrea opens up to the MINT trio about the difficulties that came along with being a trailblazer in the mid 90's for women in the game, and delves into life as a footballer when you have to; pay to play, borrow kits, attend trials and make your way up the ladder. Telling all in a story from Bootle to Bellefield with a detour into Bruce and how she was Born to Play. Moulding her game on Bob Latchford and a surprising positive about the much maligned Peter Johnson, no, not about "wanting him out" but about him wanting the girls in, and giving a generation the opportunity to belong. Pulling on the blue shirt, and wearing the famous number 9, living every evertonians' dreams. Why don't Everton give the platform to former trophy winning women, like they do to professional couch surfers in the mens game? And could she be used as a mentor and an ambassador, and will the women ever be treated with the equality they have fought so long and hard for? The juxtaposition of the joy of parading a league winners medal at half time, whilst fear spread around Goodison on the final day against Coventry in 97/98. Incredible insights from a former player and some Springsteen metaphors to boot and talking of boots, if it wasn't enough Andreas' boot of choice is Copa Mundials!

Running Order:

- Introduction (00m 50s)

- Peter Johnson and Everton (08m 40s)

- Pulling on the blue shirt and the beginning of Everton Ladies (14m 09s)

- The Everton name but not the Everton structure (19m 10s)

- Juxtaposition of Medal Parade and Mens potential relegation (27m 30s)

- Winning the League (36m 10s)

- Life after the game (41m 40s)

- Role at the club? (45m 05s)

- Quickfire Q and A (49m 20s)



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