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Adam McAleavey is a Liverpool born radio DJ featured on worldwide online platform NTS Radio. Macca talks to us about how he combines his two fickle loves; Beats and The Blues. Fashion, fashionability, and fash(c)-ism. South Liverpool music, starting a record label, and what imagery from 80's Toxteth can help uprise, the 'ghettoised', gentrified southside? Macca (@maccalaaa) tells us about the notoriety of being a scouser based in London, both politically and personally. Living in a global hotspot like the Big Smoke evokes the Evertonian inside him to questions: Why aren't Everton cool? We hear niche about opportunities missed, and opportunities in the making. The Tom Davies factor and what would make Everton relevant globally, or only even as far as Hackney? What it means being an Evertonian now, and we ask the question we asked in our first pod "La Cultura", what is Everton to the generation not old enough to remember on pitch success? Does match day experiences taint our feelings towards the club, and lessons learned on the darker side of following your team. We hear about the lifestyle differences between north and south divide within football culture, involvement in grassroots football with The Gun. Mid 80's love in between Merseyside colours. Macca gives us a unique insight of a Blue attending parades and celebrations for a side that isn't his own and trophies they haven't won, (yes... the reds) and what it means for his city. There are positives and negatives to being a blue, and this is just one story. Enjoy! One Glove. Running Order:

- Introduction (00m 45s)

- Everton and evocative beats (08m 25s) - The outside opinion of the blues (11m 13s) - Collaborative Creatives and Evertons' inefficiencies (17m 25s) - North South divide (24m 40s) - A fan of the city (34m 45s) - Fan culture negative and positive (40m 00s) - It's a sign of the times. What is your Everton? (56m 30s) - City gentrification (1h 07m 00s) - QuickFire Q & A (01h 08m 23s)



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