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"Why Everton fans have clubbed together to put their stamp on the city" by Patrick Boyland

Featured Interview by Patrick Boyland

Read on The Athletic web site

"Paul Morgan made a decision this year. Frustrated by the lack of Everton imagery around Liverpool, Morgan said enough was enough and he would increase his boyhood club’s visibility in the city. At the end of August, Morgan set up a Crowdfunding page with the aim of raising £5,000 from fellow evertonians for something they could call their own. Just over three months later, his vision has been realised — thanks in part to a host of sizeable donations from supporters on both sides of the Atlantic. The hope is it will signal a bold new era for evertonian art and expression in Liverpool and further afield.

“Growing up, I’d see mates who supported Liverpool going to murals and being able to look up to players that played for them,” Morgan tells The Athletic. “There are a lot of Liverpool murals around the city and they’re very good. “There are still a few Everton things around Goodison..."

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