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The Trio are joined by Everton Business Matters Founder and Host, and Twitter masked man ,The Esk.

Russian Kleptocracy via USM - Navaltny, Usmanov, Putin and the era of oligarchs.

Paul discusses the incompetencies with the board, educating us on the pyramid of the football club and the benefits of how a solid structure at board level helps create direction. Do the fans still feel the club have No Plan? Diving into the January 2021 AGM (or propaganda) covering strategy, finances, community, interaction with fans and any other significant activities (on and off the field). What do Everton need to sell themselves as internationally to become a brand?

Are Changes needed at board level? You'll also hear how since the arrival Five Years ago of Billionaire Iranian Farhad Moshiri how the lack of ambition and resource prior to his arrival has held the club back, and how even with Moshiri at the helm we aren't aggressive enough with Champions League ambitions, and the club is quickly going out of Fashion.

Bill Kenwright isn't producing this play anymore but playing the Starman in his own production is failing to bring Everton any golden years in his tenure whilst he strives for his own Fame.

Can Under Pressure shareholders bring a club together whilst stagnant corporate deals, strategy and player acquisition give us Little Wonder what will happen in the next decade at the club?

An ideal board member mentioned is a hypothetical podcast worthy shout, and Paul doubles down on his vague brand of elusiveness, and loses his teeth before telling us off pod about his only music preference.


Running Order:

- Introduction to The Esk (00min 55sec)

- January AGM (05min 00sec)

- Bill Kenwright (16min 00sec)

- Example Models for future exposure (30min 43sec)

- TV Money relience (49min 09sec)

- Brexit (39min 41sec)

- Trust Brands & Carlo we trust (1hr 4min 07sec)

- Quickfire Q & A (1hr 9min 8sec)



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